Resiliency in the Face of Uncertainty

Even with tremendous effort, it is almost impossible to navigate life without being bombarded daily by distressing news. So how does one remain hopeful and mentally balanced with such an abundance of turmoil? There have been many ways to answer that question; however, it all comes down to one word: RESILIENCY.

RESILIENCY is the capacity to recover from, bounce back, or thrive in the face of difficulty, distress, and ongoing uncertainty. If there is ever a time, we all need RESILIENCY, it is now.

Nevertheless, lets see how we become more RESILIENT? Here are a few tips we can all apply to strengthen our own RESILIENCY:

Program our Minds: take a few minutes every day to feed your minds with positive thoughts. If we do not intentionally fill our minds with positivity then negative influences (social media, news, gossip) will make us fearful and hopeless.

Hold on to our Faith: For those who subscribe to a belief system, strengthening our faith daily is an excellent way to recharge and refuel. Alternately, meditation and mindfulness training are superb ways to keep positively grounded.

Be Selective with our Tribe: Surround ourselves with positive, hopeful, and RESILIENT people as this will affirm our positive core beliefs.

Practice Self-care: take the time to nurture our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Exercise daily, get adequate rest and pay attention to the foods we feed our body.

What action will it take to improve your RESILIENCY Tell us in the comments and also what your trying to overcome.

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