If you can't change a situation, Change Your Attitude about it.

3 Ways to Achieve Better Outcomes by Simply Changing Your Attitude

Somewhere along the way, the word attitude seems to have developed a slightly negative connotation. Now when many people hear the word attitude, they immediately conjure images of insolence, arrogance, and negativity. In fact, people just assume we know what they mean when they say ‘he/she’s got an attitude’ – presuming of course that if …

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Give Thanks Daily

Did You Know there are Benefits to Being Thankful?

With the celebration of Thanksgiving in Canada this past weekend, we thought it would be fitting to reflect on the importance of GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS. Don’t you love it when smart, data-driven people use their sophisticated mathematical models and scientific research to confirm things that already make sense intuitively? More and more, scientific research is confirming that being THANKFUL has …

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a woman reading in a hammock enjoy nature in a peaceful setting

The Importance of Rest

People have glorified the idea that exhaustion proves productivity. In her book, The Power of Vulnerability, Brené Brown talks about play & REST as being important in living a wholehearted life. Last week, we talked about The Importance and Value of Play in our Lives, now let’s look at REST. We sometimes brag as to …

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Reflecting on Labour Day

Does the idea of a standard 12-15 hour workday or a 60-70 hour work week (without overtime!) seem unacceptable to you? Well, that is what workers had to struggle with up to the late 1800s. It took decades of protests and organized resistance for us to have shorter work hours. The 2-day weekend, maternity leave, minimum wage and much more, are victories won by the labour movement.   So, pausing to commemorate the struggles and victories of the labour movement is not only good from a historical perspective but also helps the next generation protect and preserve …

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Resisting Overload 

Over the past few weeks, we have focused on leadership, resiliency and vulnerability. All this, in addition to navigating the twists and turns of 2020! As our very long “March Break” comes to an end and we head into September’s structure and schedules, let us take some time to pause reflect, digest and incorporate all we have learned.    We know that learning requires active engagement, absorption and practice. With so many things tugging at us and constantly demanding our attention, we …

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Vulnerability, the Key to Authenticity 

We do our best when we are acting in accordance with our true nature and free to be ourselves. Yet, we have been conditioned to hide, repress, and push down our true selves in fear of being shamed, hurt, and/or criticized.  So, how do we use our Vulnerability to becomes authentic in this uncertain times? How do we change for the better when it seems like a massive overhaul of ourselves?   Change is not as hard …

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