Authentic Leadership

What is a Authentic Leader?

In today’s world of instant gratification, virtual realities and fake news, many of our political, educational and religious institutions are suffering from a lack of real LEADERSHIP. Across the globe we see cases of coercion, intimidation and manipulation masquerading as “Authentic Leaders”. So, what is LEADERSHIP? Simply put, LEADERSHIP is the art of inspiring others to pursue a particular path or goal. We include self in this definition because personal growth is an essential requirement for personal success.

How do you become an Authentic Leader?
Moreover, many people train their whole lives to become authentic Leaders, because being a leader is a ever growing responsibility. But to become a leader you much first ask yourself these questions:
  • Why do I want to become a leader? Without know why you want to do something, it is harder to learn and implement that ideology
  • Who do you want to lead? A Sheppard with their flock is nothing but lost. You have to find what pushes you to leader and who you plan on practicing it with (i.e. Co-workers, family. friends, classmates).

However, LEADERSHIP can be formal or informal. In either case, it is essential that leaders walk the talk, model the way, and do what they say. Authentic leaders are generally not easily deterred and are more likely to follow through on commitments based on a set of solid convictions and a compelling ‘why’. Not why am i doing this, or why is there a problem, but rather it is a question that is ask yourself. Nevertheless, many people go through life confused about what makes a leader. Is it the position? the pay? The answer is no, a leader is someone who “inspires others”, and leads them to the best possible outcome. However, even if you are an employee, temporary staff member, or even an intern you can still be a leader. So the only question left is, do you want to become a leader?

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