Vulnerability, the Key to Authenticity 

We do our best when we are acting in accordance with our true nature and free to be ourselves. Yet, we have been conditioned to hide, repress, and push down our true selves in fear of being shamed, hurt, and/or criticized.  So, how do we use our Vulnerability to becomes authentic in this uncertain times? How do we change for the better when it seems like a massive overhaul of ourselves?  

Change is not as hard as we think it is. It starts with a commitment to take the first step and choose to change our mindset to embrace ourselves and acknowledge where we are on our journey.  

Here are some tips to move us towards being more Vulnerable

  1. Acknowledge & Speak Up: If something is bothering us, we have the right to say what it is and explain how we feel about it. 
  2. Let Go: Shine a light on the things we are ashamed of and have burdened us. Commit to dealing with them and then let it go. Keep in mind our burdens hold us back from being the best we can be.
  3. Get Help: Find someone who can help us through our struggle. If we do not have a trusted person: why not tell ourselves? We can write about our situation and our feelings, that way we are not holding on to it. 

VULNERABILITY is a lifelong journey. One VULNERABLE step at a time. Let’s take our time and enjoy the climb, while being kind to ourselves and embrace the missteps, as this is a part of our journey. Climb freely and know that there are countless others who are climbing with us as we move forward to find our true selves. 

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