Achieve is a collective of passionate people striving to help YOU realize YOUR success

Andrea L. Wilson, P.Eng., MBA (Co-Founder)

After years of climbing the corporate ladder and working in senior leadership roles both in the manufacturing and service industries, Andrea realized that her values no longer aligned with that of the corporation she worked for.  She needed a change. Andrea wanted to ensure she was living her purpose and she felt the reason she was put on this earth was to make an impact in the lives of the next generation of leaders. Andrea is a Professor in the Business School at Humber Institute of Technology, the founder of Achieve and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.  Andrea has an Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degree and a Masters of Business Administration, however what she is most proud of, is being the mother of 3 amazing daughters.

Lisa A. Scale (Co-founder)

Lisa enjoyed great success as a portrait photographer earning accolades for her photography & entrepreneurial skills. Regardless of her success, after almost 3 decades, she felt miserable, finally realizing her values no longer aligned with her business or industry. Somewhere she forgot her dreams. Focusing on her values and desire to impact others, Lisa found joy in helping people live their purpose and in doing so, found hers. Today, she enjoys her location-independent life, teaching and coaching while living and travelling in Europe. Lisa’s passion to help young leaders began while teaching at college and university. Watching her own children struggle to prepare for life away from home, made her realize the need for the Achieve™ program.  Following her dream to travel, Lisa recently relocated back to Canada after 2 years living in Europe with her husband and 3 children.

Our Leadership Team

Matheus Froes

Operations Manager

Giovanna Heron

Success Coach

Preetham Jain

Project Coordinator

Andrea Mills-Qirko

Mentorship Coordinator

Amitha Sridhar

Project Manager

Akailah Wilson

HR Specialist

Board of Advisors

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Daniel Bishun

Reta Campbell

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Michael Zahra

Subject Matter Experts

Osman Beyle

Sales & Advertisement Lead

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Content Writer

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iOS Developer

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Mariana Gómez

Communications Strategist

George Jenkins

Sales & Growth Specialist

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iOS Developer

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Product Designer

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iOS Developer

Hetal Mehta

Project Manager

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Android Developer

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iOS Developer

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Back-end Developer

SJ Richards

Education Consultant

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Social Media Community Manager