Success By Design

Are you feeling confused, stuck, or overwhelmed with your life? Are you giving up on your dreams because they feel unreachable? If you are ready to make the first step to transforming yourself and your life – this program is exactly what you need!

  • $ 697 CAD
  • English
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What students learn with our program

This program includes

Assess the gap in your life
based on your values

What is needed to get where you want to be

Take your plans out of the planning phase

Determine who can help you with what

Make habits and routines can work in your favour

Reward yourself and celebrate your wins

This program includes

26 self-paced lessons with videos and downloadable files

Lifetime access to the course

30-minute private coaching call (value $70.99)

1-year membership access to our AIC community of like-minded leaders with weekly check-ins and additional training (value $297)

Just 7 steps to transition to a new life

Success By Design (SBD) is based on the 7-step trademarked methodology that carefully guides you through essential holistic areas of your life: spiritual, wellness, relational, career and financial. Each step provides you with the necessary knowledge that will help you find balance, achieve your goals, and unleash your potential.

Assess the gap

Define your meaning of success and identify key areas for improvement

Choose to do & who

Determine your source of motivation and what you need to achieve success

Have a plan

Strategize your action plan using our proven technique


Involve others

Develop your personal accountability system


Learn how to reward yourself to achieve better results

Venture the process

Increase your productivity by establishing new routines

Evaluate & Celebrate

Assess and adjust your performance to reach your annual objectives

Success Stories & Testimonials


Vyoma Fadia

Vyoma Fadia

Change Your Future Graduate 

Tamara Castle

Tamara Castle

Change Your Future Graduate 

Yvonne Reid

Yvonne Reid

She-Rites Graduate 

4 1

Jigna Fadia

Achiever’s Inner Circle 

I had an incredible time being a part of the Achieve program. As a recent graduate trying to navigate life after university, I faced lots of new challenges. Achieve provided the guidance, support, collaboration, and learning experiences to successfully set goals and work through each aspect of this new part of my life. With the help of my mentors, fellow Achievers, and Achieve resources, I was able to secure full-time positions and even had an additional opportunity to pursue an internship alongside it. I’d highly recommend participating in the program!

Enrolling in the Achieve program has truly been transformative for me. It’s been a journey of growth, enabling me to enhance my skills and foster continuous improvement. The program has empowered me to take ownership of my progress and devise effective strategies to achieve my objectives. With invaluable resources such as mentorship and networking, I’ve gained insights that have been instrumental in shaping my aspirations and clarifying my path forward. This experience has not only provided clarity on my goals but has also equipped me with the tools to confidently navigate my future endeavors.

The staff at Achieve Potential were instrumental in changing my life. Now I can say that I am living my life the way I want to live it…..On Purpose while helping others. I learned that your commitment to the process will determine your progress in all that you do.

I have been associated with Achieve for a few years. The passion and dedication to build safe communities where everyone has the opportunity to show up for who they are and weave the tapestry of love, kindness and strength has been an inspiration for myself and many who participate for this cause. We definitely need more of this to build resilient and healthy generations where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. It has been a pleasure and joy to be with Achieve, and wish we grow many more successful Achievers for the future.