Achieve Business Success

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6 Months Online Course


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Whether you are planning to open your business or are a proud owner of a small company, this six-month course is exactly what you need! Our program is divided into six modules to help you achieve business success regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

Weekly one-hour virtual LIVE sessions with our experienced coaches, who will guide you through the essential steps of establishing and improving your business operations. This course will provide you with valuable information, a supporting environment, and the formula for your business success!

We prioritize quality over quantity; therefore, each group consists of no more than ten people to be able to attend to the needs of each participant.

Achieve Business Success

6 Months Program Outline

Month 1: Holistic Success

  • Success Gap Analysis in 5 key Life Areas
  • Create a Path to your desire Success
  • Establish your Board of Directors
  • Create Success Habits and Routines

Month 2: Business Foundation

  • Identify your Dream Client
  • Determine your Niche and Target Market
  • Develop your Personal Brand
  • Create your Business Positioning Statement

Month 3: Business Credibility

  • Identify Credibility Builders
  • Create your Business Standard of Service
  • Establish Yourself as a Likable Expert
  • Design your Sales Cycle

Month 4: Let's Talk Finances

  • Create a Path to your Financial “10”
  • Determine your Pricing Model
  • Learn the 4-part Selling Formula
  • Understand the 7 Promotion Strategies

Month 5: Digital You

  • Identify Technology Challenges
  • Create your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Online Presence – Website & Social Media
  • Discuss Supporting Technologies

Month 6: Accelerate Your Growth

  • Recap Essential Learning
  • Assess Business Growth
  • Determine Growth Accelerators
  • Transition to ABS Support Membership

Included in the Program:

  • Access to Achieve Success by Design Online (value $257)

  • Access to Achieve Mobile Application (value $129.99)*

  • Training in Critical Business Growth Areas

  • Access to Recorded Sessions

  • 24 Training Sessions

  • Live Group Chat


We are holding sessions on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Having trouble with technology? Let us know and we will do our best to assist you!


We take your convenience very seriously. Therefore, we are holding online weekly sessions on a day and time decided by the group!

Let us help you grow your business!

Meet Our Coaches

Andrea L. Wilson

After years of climbing the corporate ladder and working in senior leadership roles both in the manufacturing and service industries, Andrea realized that her values no longer aligned with that of the corporation she worked for. Andrea wanted to ensure she was living her purpose and she felt the reason she was put on this earth was to make an impact as a result started Achieve Potential Inc. Andrea also teaches Career Development in both the Business and Entreprenurial Programs at Humber College.

Lisa enjoyed great success as a portrait photographer for over 3 decades, earning accolades for her photography & entrepreneurial skills. Despite her success, she felt miserable, and realized her values no longer aligned with her business or industry. Focusing on her values and desire to impact others, Lisa found joy in helping people live their purpose and in doing so, found hers. Today, she enjoys her location-independent life, teaching and coaching while travelling the world.

Lisa A. Scale

What Our Customers Say

ABS came at an opportune time in my life. I had some much-needed, uninterrupted time to reflect on where I was in my professional and personal life, and to revisit early dreams and goals.

The holistic approach on which ABS is anchored, was just what I needed to restore balance to my life and work! The program provided excellent coaching, step-by-step guidance and support for me — a professional from a non-business, non-tech sector — to establish the foundation for a successful business. Best of all was the opportunity to learn and grow with a small online community of like-minded individuals who were working on their own goals. I made some wonderful connections during a socially isolating time, and we supported each other in striving toward our individual goals.
Thanks Achieve!



Achieve has been instrumental in reconnecting me to my passion.  Their programs was exactly what I needed to enhance my growth mindset.  I am more confident on my abilities to achieve my greatness. Thank you Achieve!

Yvonne Reid

* Achieve Mobile Applications are for both iOS and Android and you will be given a 12 Month Access. To continue to use the apps after the 12 months access you will be required to pay. 


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