3 Ways to Start Understanding Your “Why” 

Why is it, that when trying to figure out where our next steps should be, we often think of the “what”?

  • What am I getting out of this? 
  • What does the end goal look like? 
  • What do I need to accomplish my goals? 

All of these questions are indeed important and need to be answered for us to find success. But, at Achieve Potential, we have found that these questions aren’t where we should start. So instead, we should start with


  • Am I so invested in the things that I’m passionate about? 
  • Do I want to serve the people I have chosen to serve? 
  • Is this my purpose? 

Answering these questions will give you a good indications of your values.

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Discovering Your Why 

Answering these questions first allows us to build a stable foundation on which we can make our success on top of. So, let’s break down these three questions so we can get a feel for our values. 

1. Why am I so invested in the things that I’m passionate about? 

These things give you happiness and a sense of purpose. They don’t have to be grand but think of the things you are passionate about. Are there memories or feelings you associate with these passions that draw you towards them? Think of this now. 

2. Why do I want to serve the people I have chosen to serve? 

We have a specific subset of people we are mainly driven to serve. What about these people cause you to want to work with them in particular? Do they motivate you? Have a similar mindset to you? Whatever the reasons may be, think of this now.

3. Why is this my purpose? 

We were all put on this earth for a reason. There is a particular path that each of us is meant to take. And by figuring out what this path looks like, we can begin our journey of success.

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Your “why” Statement

Now, summarize these answers into 1-2 brief sentences. This sentence describes why you are embarking on this journey of holistic success. Then, just like your word of the year, return to your “why” statement whenever you are feeling particularly stuck or lacking in motivation. We all can question our journey, but make sure that you never forget the values that are motivating you to do this.

“I have learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values, and follow my own moral compass, then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own.”

– Michelle Obama

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