The New Year – 5 Tips to Start Strong

How do we make 2022 the year that we want it to be? After the crazy and unpredictable past two years, we need to take initiative and focus on the aspects of our lives that we can control. We’re still not out of the woods yet, but we do need to take responsibility for ourselves and our goals. So, in the face of this new normal, what are our dreams for the next 12 months? Let’s start this year off on the right foot and begin with some reflection of 2021.

1. Review Your Accomplishments

Review your goals from last year and check off all the things you accomplished. Pat yourself on the back! Eat a celebratory cookie! Celebrate! You’ve earned it and should feel incredibly proud of yourself for how far you have come. Remember, you can’t make all of your dreams a reality within a few months, but you are much closer now.

2. What Did You Learn Last Year? 

  1. The phrase “These trying times” is becoming less and less applicable the longer time goes on. This is our reality now. There are things that we can’t control, but we’ve had two years to be able to learn what our day to day may look like. We can plan to act proactively knowing there is a chance of future roadblocks or we risk wasting time being reactive.  So what important knowledge have we gained over the past year that can help us successfully navigate 2022?
  2. Personally and socially we’ve learned a lot, but careers have changed drastically as well. Has the current world situation changed your career path and do you need to rethink your current job or career path?

3. What New Connections Did You Make?

Seldom do we think about success in terms of relationships, however rarely do we ever find success on our own. Our relationships and our success squad, a.k.a those people who are both our cheerleaders and our butt-kickers, are so important in our journey. Think about the connections that you made last year, how can you deepen these relationships? How can you be part of their success journey? 

4. Write Down the Goals that You are Still Working On 

Your success journey is just that: a journey. There are things that you may have wanted to do last year that, for one reason or another, you were unable to. Review those goals and see if they still make sense in your vision for the future. On a brand-new page, write down these unfinished goals and re-write the goals that need to be updated to better match your trajectory.

5. What are Your Dreams?

Now let’s look forward. What do you hope to accomplish this year? Dream big but set actionable goals that you can realistically accomplish in the time frame you are setting for yourself. Once you are finished with this, look at the bigger picture. You ultimately have a destination that you see for yourself. Remind yourself of that destination. What does your best life look like, and do your dreams for this year reflect that? 

Finally, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are on the right track! You’ve got this! 

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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