How to stop comparing yourself to others

Not Comparing is Hard

In the global community created by social media, it can be hard to only focus on yourself. Our expectations of where we should be are so influenced by those around us, that we often overlook how far we have come. Comparing your accomplishments to those of others has become a daily pastime and can take a huge toll on your mental health and your progress. It is important to remind yourself that we are each on our path, the journey that one person takes is their own, and cannot be replicated by anyone else.

What Can We Do Instead of Comparing?

1. Congratulate yourself

Think of the things that you have accomplished. Without comparing yourself to anyone, what have you done in your life? In this past year? This month? Think of your accomplishments and congratulate yourself on them. Feel proud of yourself. 

2. Limit your social media usage 

We already know that being on our phones too much can impact our sleep and productivity, but always seeing what other people are doing will automatically make you start comparing yourself to them. Jealousy is an ugly monster. Realizing that what others have does not affect you, is the first step in lifting the weight of comparison.

3. Mute the braggers

Some people use social media for the sole purpose of making their life seem better than it is. Those people who post all the time and seem to have a perfect life even though they definitely don’t. It’s ok if you want to mute or even unfollow those people. Your mental health is more important than whose social media posts you’re looking at.

4. Journal your accomplishments 

We tell you to write down your goals, but also write down when you accomplish those goals. Keep a journal and write down each positive step forward. When you’re feeling stuck you can go back and read everything that you have done to remind yourself that you are heading in the direction that you are meant to.

5. Remember your success squad

Just as much as your success squad is there to help hold you accountable, they’re also there to hype you up. Being around people who make you happy and validate your accomplishments is an excellent way to keep your momentum and stop you from comparing yourself to others.

What is something that you have accomplished this month that you are particularly proud of?

 “Comparison drives you to the dead end of your dream, your vision and your destiny.”

– Eugenia Herlihy

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