Core Values: 3 Relationships that are Affected by it

Usually, when we are struggling in our relationships it is because there is a misalignment with our core values. Identifying our core values is the first step to ensuring our sense of fulfilment and future happiness. In past posts, we have talked about the importance of making decisions based on our values. Today, let’s look deeper into our relationships and see why alignment with our values is essential.

Key Relationships Affected by Core Values:

1. Ourselves

How we live and the decisions we make are reflected in how happy we are. Have you ever been unhappy with yourself? Maybe you did not stand up to someone, you said yes when you should have said no? Perhaps, you did something that made you feel sick on the inside but you just could not figure out why. These things happen when we are not living in alignment with our values. We must identify our top values and hold ourselves accountable to them. Living our values every day will help us live a happy and fulfilled life.

2. Family & Friends

They say we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. When we find that we are in conflict or constantly disappointed with someone, it is usually because our values are not aligned. If we can’t be our authentic selves with those closest to us we will never be happy and content. Sharing common interests is nice but it is vital to share similar values if you are to have authentic and harmonious relationships. 

3. Work

We spend a great deal of time working, so we must get joy and fulfilment from it. If we are to be fully engaged in the betterment of the organization, there needs to be some level of alignment between our values and that of the organization. Most organizations have gone through the exercise of creating Core Values. Keeping these visible and ensuring they are lived, is everyone’s job. Remember Company Values should be more than just pretty wall art.

We at Achieve live our core values every day, if you are curious to know what are our values check it out on our About Us page. If you want to read more about core values we recommend the article Make Your Values Mean Something from Harvard Business Review.

Values are vital in all aspects of life and greatly affect all our relationships.

Do you know your top values and more importantly are you living them?

“You’ve got to love yourself first, and until you value yourself enough and love yourself enough to know that, you can’t really have a healthy relationship.”

Jennifer Lopez

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