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Our Best Life is a vision we have for ourselves; it is how we want to live and what our life would look like if we were achieving everything we desire. For clarity, it is best to create 1-2 sentences describing your Best Life in each holistic area then write your Best Life Statement.

These statements should be written in positive terms and, in the present tense. Example: I am living with health as a priority.

“Decide exactly what you want in every area of your life; you can’t hit a target you can’t see”

Brian Tracey


  • Download the Best Life Statement Worksheet
  • Look at your 5 Core Values and the 5 Holistic Area goals and create a sentence that embodies what your Best Life looks & feels like if you are living the way you desire
  • Complete the Best Life Statement Worksheet with what you have discovered



Workbook: Module 1, Lesson 4


Worksheet: Best Life Statement

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This is my best life statement
I am spending quality time with myself, husband and love one daily, while positively impacting persons through coaching which increases my health and wealth.

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