Achieve Spotlight: Yvonne, A Story of Fire and Soul

Achievers Making an Impact

Yvonne is the type of person who won’t let anything stop her. She has a fire within her that won’t let her stop moving forward and she shares this fire with everyone she meets. 

We Are Pleased to Introduce You to Yvonne

Last year, on the Achieve trip to Jamaica, Yvonne spotted two young men begging for money outside of a restaurant. Rather than ignoring them, she stepped out of line and spoke with them. Asking them about their lives and why they were begging rather than working. In her kind but firm way, she shared her fire with them.

The drive to achieve to really make an impact and not just get by day-by-day. That begging wasn’t their only option and they were more than capable of achieving their goals. She didn’t have much time to eat afterwards, but to Yvonne that didn’t matter. She had hopefully made a change in those boys’ lives and that was far more filling for herself and her soul than any food could ever be. 

We have chosen to spotlight Yvonne this month because of not only the growth that we have seen in her since she started the program but also the change that she continues to inspire in all of us.

A Letter From Yvonne

New Beginnings

There are times in our lives when we are at the right place at the right time.  A few months before I met the President of Achieve, Andrea Wilson; I voiced to the universe that I need to change my inner circle.  I wanted to be with individuals who had a positive growth mindset, practiced self-care, helped and served individuals/communities and were willing to put the work in to achieve their goals. 

I was ready to grow and needed the fertile ground where my healthy seeds of restoration would be planted and flourish.  The universe provided just that when Achieve found me.  I met Andrea at an event and she asked if I would like to find out more about her company Achieve.  I attended an information session and the rest as they say is history.

A Step in the Right Direction

Achieve’s mentorship and positive feedback have encouraged me to start my own business.  I have always wanted to start my own business as a Youth Life Coach and Speech Coach but did not know how to start. Through their mentorship, encouragement, strategic planning and effective smart goals, I have done just that. Their hands-on approach in dealing with the five core pillars of life: SPIRITUAL, WELLNESS, RELATIONAL, CAREER AND FINANCIAL and asking oneself “what are my core values” made it approachable and effective in making the necessary shift needed to start. 

Another technique that I learned from Achieve was the positive effect of selecting MY WORD OF THE YEAR.  This word is used as a fuel, a reminder to keep going even when life happens…in other words NO MATTER WHAT.  When life happens, the word selected is an anchor to hold on to until the “storm” passes through.  

Perseverance in the Face of Adversity

I experienced such a “storm”.  I had to stop my business plan due to my health challenges. Even though I was not connecting with clients, I continued to work through the process of developing my business strategies.  I am now much better and am slowly getting back on track. 

Another credit to Achieve is that they followed up with me on a regular basis, while I was going through my “health challenge” and it was not about business, it was all about my WELLNESS.  At Achieve, I learned that ALL 5 pillars must be in balance in order for the person to function effectively.  Like a car, all tires must be fully functioning in order to drive to one’s destination.  Achieve’s encouragement, guidance and support have helped me to endure as I move forward to my destination with confidence.  

Looking Forward

I know that with Achieve I will achieve my goal in life and reach my final destination to be a world-renowned Youth Life Coach and Speech Coach.   

Thank you Achieve Potential

It’s ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.

– W.C Fields

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